Dr. Jacob Israelachvili is a Professor in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He received his PhD in Experimental Physics from the University of Cambridge. Afterwards he completed postdoctoral training and conducted research at Cambridge, the University of Stockholm, and Australian National University. After spending over a decade in Australia, Jacob joined the faculty at UCSB where he remains today. In addition to his academic appointments, Jacob has served as a consultant for chemical and pharmaceutical companies and is President of a company called SurForce LLC that manufactures and sells the Surface Force Apparatus that he pioneered in his graduate days. Jacob has received a number of honors during his career, including election as a Fellow of the Royal Society of London, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, a Fellow of the American Physical Society, a Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Engineering, a member of the US National Academy of Science, and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has also received many awards, including Alpha Chi Sigma Award for Chemical Engineering Research, the Adhesion Society Award for Excellence in Adhesion Science, the Materials Research Society Medal (in the area of adhesion and friction), the ACS National Award in Colloid and Surface Chemistry, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Walker Award (for Excellence in Chemical Engineering Literature), and the Tribology Gold Medal. In 2008 he was named by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers as one of the “One Hundred Chemical Engineers of the Modern Era”. Jacob is here with us today to tell us about his journey through life and science.

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