Dr. Robert Dudley is President and CEO at Clarus Therapeutics, Inc. and is a clinical pharmacologist and board-certified toxicologist. With a background in clinical pharmacology and toxicology, Bob has dedicated his career to developing new drugs to promote men’s health. Over the years, Bob has worked on developing a variety of testosterone products, including the first testosterone gel and an oral testosterone replacement drug. Outside science, Bob and his wife enjoy building new houses together because they love being involved in choosing the details and design of their home. Some of Bob’s other hobbies include reading, golfing, and cycling. Riding his bike along the scenic trails in Tennessee is a great way to enjoy quiet time, think, and get exercise. Bob received his B.S. degree in biology from Pepperdine University, his M.S. in biology from the University of New Mexico, and his PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Kansas School of Medicine. Prior to founding Clarus Therapeutics, Bob served as the President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Anagen Therapeutics, a University of Chicago affiliated company. He has also previously served as President & CEO of Unimed Pharmaceuticals a public company that became a subsidiary of Solvay Pharmaceuticals. He started his career in the pharmaceutical industry at Abbott Laboratories. In our interview, Bob shares more about his life and science.

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